KAYAKaLOT Mounting Information

Preparation is Key

Before you begin, remember that safety and proper installation are paramount. We recommend enlisting someone experienced in construction techniques to assist with the mounting process. This ensures that your KAYAKaLOT is securely attached to your dock, providing a stable and safe launch point for your kayaking adventures.

Mounting Basics

The base of your KAYAKaLOT comes equipped with pre-drilled holes, strategically placed to accommodate a variety of docking situations. These holes are designed to align with the structural members of your dock for a robust anchor point. If the pre-drilled holes do not align with your dock’s structural members, you may need to drill additional holes to ensure a secure mount.

Selecting the Right Hardware

For the longevity and stability of your installation, it’s essential to use high-quality hardware. We recommend stainless steel or equivalent high-grade exterior lag bolts, screws, or through-bolts. Prior to installation, drill pilot holes into your dock’s framing to prevent any cracking or splitting. This attention to detail will ensure your KAYAKaLOT stands the test of time and use.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing the optimal location for your KAYAKaLOT on your dock is crucial. Ideally, mount it at the edge of your dock, providing ample space for your kayak to slide into the water and be secured. The KAYAKaLOT is designed for versatility, allowing for adjustments to accommodate the launching direction of your kayak, whether from left to right or vice versa, based on your preference or dock configuration.

Adjustments for a Perfect Fit

Your KAYAKaLOT includes adjustable components to fit the width of your kayak and the water depth. The horizontal arm width and the vertical drop bar’s water penetration are adjustable to ensure your kayak is perfectly positioned for easy boarding and exiting. These adjustments are simple to make and can significantly enhance your launching experience.

Maximizing Space and Safety

When not in use, the KAYAKaLOT can be folded up, freeing valuable dock space for other activities. This feature not only optimizes your dock’s usability but also protects your KAYAKaLOT from potential damage caused by passing boats or harsh weather conditions. Additionally, never stand on the extended horizontal arm to prevent accidents or damage to the device.

Ensuring a Safe and Enjoyable Kayaking Experience

With your KAYAKaLOT securely mounted and properly set up, you’re ready to enjoy the simplicity and safety it brings to your kayaking adventures. Remember, always wear personal flotation devices when on the water and follow all safety guidelines for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

By adhering to these mounting instructions and tips, you’re ensuring that your KAYAKaLOT provides a stable, safe, and efficient launching point for years to come. Here’s to countless smooth launches and returns, enhancing your time on the water.

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