Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

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  • What is the KAYAKaLOT?

    The KAYAKaLOT is an innovative kayak launch device designed to make launching and retrieving your kayak from a floating dock easy, safe, and efficient. Its design allows it to adjust with the tide and water levels, ensuring it’s always ready for use.

  • Can the KAYAKaLOT be used on any type of dock?

    The KAYAKaLOT is specifically designed for use with floating docks due to its ability to adapt to changing water levels. It is not recommended for stationary docks, as their fixed height can limit the device’s effectiveness and safety features.

  • How much does the KAYAKaLOT cost?

    The KAYAKaLOT is priced at $499, making it a more affordable option than many expensive kayak lifts and ramps, without compromising on quality or functionality.

  • Do I need professional help for installation?

    While professional installation is not required, it is recommended that someone skilled in construction techniques performs the mounting process to ensure the device is securely attached to your dock.

  • What kind of hardware is needed for installation?

    High-grade exterior lag bolts, screws, or through-bolts made from stainless steel or equivalent materials are recommended. It’s important to drill pilot holes into your dock’s framing to prevent cracking or splitting.

  • Can the KAYAKaLOT be adjusted to fit my kayak?

    Yes, the KAYAKaLOT includes adjustable components such as the horizontal arm and vertical drop bar to accommodate different kayak widths and water depths, ensuring a perfect fit.

  • Is the KAYAKaLOT easy to store when not in use?

    Absolutely, the KAYAKaLOT is designed to fold up when not in use, conserving space on your dock and protecting the device from potential damage.

  • How do I ensure my kayak is securely attached ?

    The KAYAKaLOT comes with two ropes for securing your kayak. Follow the provided diagrams and instructions for attaching the ropes to the bow and stern of your kayak, ensuring it is securely fastened front to back against the dock.

  • Can the launching direction be changed?

    Yes, the KAYAKaLOT is designed for flexibility, allowing for the launching direction to be adjusted from left to right or vice versa. This can be done by moving the eye bolt and rope wedge anchor to the opposite side of the base before mounting.

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