Development History of the KayakAlot by Les Spitzack

As developer and inventor of the KayakAlot boarding assistive device, I received the inspiration to construct the first small craft boarding device of this design several years ago while observing my neighbor attempting to board her kayak first from the dock and from the rocky cold shoreline of the northern lake we live on. Risking falling, to enjoy her new kayak.

As a builder by profession, looking at this problem, I thought there must be a better way. I headed to my shop and tools, constructing a device, mounted to the dock that secures the craft and provides hand holds to easily and safely board and exit the kayak. One more feature was required, the dock is also used for boats, so the device needed to fold up when not in use to allow clear docking and mooring.

The first device is still attached to their dock and usable, yet today. Over the years I produced a few of these devices for friends, always receiving comments that this should be on the market.

Upon retiring and moving to Florida, we observed the need for a product like this with the growing numbers of kayak enthusiasts all the waters here and other parts of the country that have difficulty boarding and enjoying their kayaks. The decision was made to revive this concept and make it available to kayakers living on the water everywhere.

The original concept and design have not changed except now we construct our product of all aluminum and stainless steel.

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